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Latest Headlines

Some cancer docs still bill heavily for Amgen's Epogen despite safety questions

Many cancer doctors have cut back on their use of Amgen's anemia drug Epogen--also sold as Procrit by Johnson & Johnson--because of safety questions that arose over the past few years. But as The Wall Street Journal reports, one Florida doctors' group still administers the drug in quantity, accounting for one-sixth of related Medicare charges in 2012.

Amgen is halting Epogen manufacturing in Colorado

Workers at Amgen's Boulder, CO-area facilities were warned in 2012 to prepare for job cuts. The California-based company said that after a production buildup for a year or so, it intended to halt Epogen production there. Last week, it followed through on the warning, saying the cuts will happen this spring.

Amgen loses Supreme Court ruling in shareholder suit

Amgen was accused last month of getting special favors from lawmakers. Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against it in a securities case that sets precedent for the industry and beyond.

Affymax explores manufacturing for ties to fatal drug reactions

Drugmakers Affymax and Takeda are investigating whether manufacturing is playing a role in the allergic reactions that have resulted in three deaths and led it to recall all of its anemia drug Omontys from the market.

Amgen to whack 160 jobs

Amgen's earnings last week were not half bad. But they were not good enough to save the jobs of 160 employees whom the company says it will let go.

Amgen's Sensipar scored pricing shield from Congress

Congress didn't just head off the fiscal cliff with its compromise bill. It rescued Amgen ($AMGN) from Medicare price restraints on Sensipar, an oral treatment for kidney patients, at least temporarily.

Takeda, Affymax nail supply deal for Omontys anemia drug

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Affymax ($AFFY) have sewn up another supply deal for their anemia drug Omontys. DSI Renal, one of the largest dialysis providers in the U.S., agreed to adopt Omontys to treat their patients with chronic kidney disease.

Falling Epogen sales crash on Amgen plant

Falling sales of Amgen's ($AMGN) anemia drug Epogen have come home to roost in Longmont, CO, where the company will idle the facility where the drug is made in bulk.

Did anemia drug giants game the system to rake in billions?

Amgen's big-selling anemia drugs were first brought in for questioning a few years ago. Studies and side-effect reports cast doubt on their safety. The FDA started a review.

Amgen pushes agenda for biosimilars on the FDA

The Thousand Oaks, CA-base drugmaker is one of 30 organizations on the docket today for the FDA's informal stakeholder meeting to discuss regulation of biosimilars.