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Latest Headlines

Pharma sales force took a hit in North America and Europe in 2013, new report shows

Amid new layoffs and plummeting revenues, the pharma sales force continued to decline in North America and Europe in 2013.

GE rolls out a discount cancer imaging system for personalized medicine in India

GE Healthcare has developed a discount molecular imaging system for cancer detection, intended for physicians practicing personalized medicine in emerging markets--especially India, where the devicemaker got help designing the system.

New plants in Middle East a testament to the region's emerging market status

The Persian Gulf is the newest emerging market for  Big Pharma, the  Wall Street Journal  reports. Drugmakers have jumped on that opportunity, as evidenced by the number of new plants and distribution facilities they are putting there.

What's Big Pharma's latest hot spot? The Middle East

Are the BRIC countries passé in Big Pharma? Not exactly. But multinational pharma's newest trend lies in the Persian Gulf, the Wall Street Journal reports.

One Brazilian Dx giant gets new majority shareholders, and another may be sold

Two of the biggest players in Brazil's diagnostics industry are likely to confront major changes in the coming months--both worth noting as global competitors seek to enter one of the largest emerging markets around.

Varian touts emerging markets as looming Medicare changes take a toll

Varian Medical Systems reported yesterday that revenues during its first fiscal quarter jumped 5% from the same period a year ago to $712 million, and net income rose 3% to $98 million. The company cited particularly strong demand for its oncology products, which include equipment for performing radiosurgery and software that physicians can use in treatment planning.

Sanofi signs on to sell Vivus ED drug in emerging markets

After rolling out its weight-loss drug Qsymia solo, a move that spurred plenty of shareholder discontent, Vivus is taking marketing partnerships for erectile dysfunction drug Stendra seriously. Thursday, it announced a deal with Sanofi that covers licensing and commercialization in emerging markets.

Lilly warns of 'challenging' bid for 2014 sales goal, thanks to yen, emerging markets

Meeting next year's minimum revenue goal of $20 billion will be "challenging," Eli Lilly says, and analysts are already speculating about "savage" cost cuts if R&D doesn't come through as Lilly hopes.

Biotech accelerator BioMotiv gets a $20M commitment from new investor

A week after Cleveland's nascent biotech accelerator BioMotiv bumped its financial reserves to $46 million, Torrey Pines Investment has stepped in to offer a $20 million commitment and close ties to the Russian drug development industry to back a joint effort to spawn new translational drug efforts around the globe.

Biotechs crowd list of top growth leaders as Big Pharmas shrink staffs

EP Vantage--an arm of EvaluatePharma--put its analysts to the task of examining employment numbers in the biopharma industry and pinpointed which companies are doing the most hiring and firing. The overall amount of downsizing isn't quite as big as you may have been led to believe.