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Latest Headlines

U.K.'s e-Therapeutics raises $64M for midstage cancer drug program

The U.K.'s e-Therapeutics has raised $64 million to fuel midstage clinical development of a new cancer drug, which the biotech hopes to partner on around 2017.

Rare IPO for U.K.'s pharma scene on tap

According to Insidermedia.com, Clinigen has nailed down £50 million as the U.K.-based specialty pharma group is expected to hit the AIM market next week with a market value of £135 million.

Flush with cash, U.K. biotech preps new discovery effort in Oxford

Armed with a fresh injection of $26 million (£16.6), the U.K.'s e-Therapeutics is expanding and re-launching its discovery unit in Oxford, back where much of its original scientific inspiration