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Latest Headlines

Existing drugs boost new cancer vax responses

Cancer vaccines are becoming an increasingly attractive focus of study, but there are still perils and pitfalls along the way to success. Two recent studies have looked at ways to get around these, focusing on experimental cancer vaccines boosted by existing drugs.

Abbott deals beef up late-stage platform of blockbuster contenders

Abbott Labs ($ABT) doesn't do a lot of deals compared with some of its Big Pharma rivals. But when the company inks a deal, it isn't afraid of using some big numbers. Abbott pledged $450 million just

Biogen, Abbott tout promising MS data from PhIIb daclizumab trial

Biogen Idec and its partner Abbott Labs have taken the wraps off the top-line data from a Phase IIb study of daclizumab, touting some promising results for the once-monthly treatment of multiple