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Latest Headlines

Baxalta opens up an R&D shop in biotech's hottest neighborhood

Fledgling biopharma player Baxalta cut the ribbon on its new Cambridge, MA, R&D center as the company touts plans to launch 20 new products by 2020 and shakes off pervasive buyout interest from rival Shire.

Philips, MIT partner in $25M deal to develop innovative med tech, lighting

Royal Philips and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have partnered in a 5-year research alliance with a $25 million budget to develop novel product solutions in healthcare and lighting.

It's getting mighty crowded in biotech's hippest neighborhood

Biotech's extended hot streak has put loads of money in the pockets of drugmakers, and nowhere is that clearer than in Cambridge, MA, where the boom has created demand for lab space that is outpacing supply.

Meet Eve, a robot that discovers drugs

Researchers at the University of Cambridge say a robot named Eve has discovered that an anticancer compound is a good candidate to combat malaria. 

Biotech's Boston blitz is making lab space harder--and costlier--to come by

The growing biotech hub in the Boston area has attracted drug developers virtual and multinational to set up shop near the bay, but the boom in demand is threatening to outstrip inventory, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Icon will teach Cambridge students how to market drugs

Global CRO Icon has deepened its longstanding relationship with Cambridge University, agreeing to lead a class on pricing and market access for new drugs.

Newly christened U.K. outsourcer sets sail in the Cambridge biopharma hub

U.K. outsourcers PolyTherics and Antitope have merged to pool their R&D resources, christening the combined company Abzena and targeting the bustling biomedical hub of Cambridge for new headquarters.

Pfizer's vows fall on deaf ears in Cambridge

Pfizer, as part of its plodding effort to win over national leaders with its plan to buy AstraZeneca for more than $100 billion, has promised to preserve jobs in the country and talked up the value of British science. But the local academic community has seen giants buy in, take what they need and cut what they don't want.

The top 15 cities for biotech venture funding

Anyone looking to start a biotech company should pay close attention to this list. Venture groups, entrepreneurs and increasingly Big Pharma have been concentrating their money and their attention in a few key places, only occasionally straying from the beaten path when funding a high-risk drug development effort.

AstraZeneca dispatches an advance science team to future HQ campus

LONDON--AstraZeneca's top brass can't wait to start rubbing shoulders with scientists at its planned corporate campus in Cambridge, U.K. So the pharma giant has opted to send an advance team of scientists ahead to get the creative juices flowing early on.