C. difficile

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Mayo Clinic dispatches UV-emitting robots to fight drug-resistant bacteria

With superbug infections proliferating at U.S. healthcare facilities, hospitals are looking for new ways to eliminate potentially deadly bacteria. Mayo Clinic is jumping on the bandwagon, rolling out bacteria-fighting robots that use UV light to kill  C. difficile.

Hospital-disinfecting UV robot gets $25M for startup Xenex

Hospitals face decreased reimbursement from some U.S. payers based on rates of healthcare-associated infection. That means institutions must take more aggressive pathogen reduction seriously. Some investors are betting that an ultraviolet disinfecting robot from startup Xenex Disinfection Services could be a contender in that market, funding the company with $25 million so it can expand U.S. and international sales and advance product development.

Buzz on rare disease drugs puts ViroPharma in the M&A spotlight

ViroPharma's pipeline of drugs for rare diseases has reportedly stirred the interest of several pharma companies. And once word of the buyout buzz spread, the Exton, PA-based biotech's shares zoomed up 9% yesterday afternoon.

Quidel wins 510(k) for C. difficile molecular Dx

Quidel won a coveted 510(k) clearance from the FDA for a new hand-held molecular diagnostic test to detect DNA for Clostridium difficile bacteria.

Optimer inks $90M C. difficile drug pact with Astellas

Optimer is pocketing a $20 million up-front payment on a new commercial pact for its treatment for C. difficile.