C. difficile

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Latest Headlines

Hospital-disinfecting UV robot gets $25M for startup Xenex

Hospitals face decreased reimbursement from some U.S. payers based on rates of healthcare-associated infection. That means institutions must take more aggressive pathogen reduction seriously. Some investors are betting that an ultraviolet disinfecting robot from startup Xenex Disinfection Services could be a contender in that market, funding the company with $25 million so it can expand U.S. and international sales and advance product development.

Buzz on rare disease drugs puts ViroPharma in the M&A spotlight

ViroPharma's pipeline of drugs for rare diseases has reportedly stirred the interest of several pharma companies. And once word of the buyout buzz spread, the Exton, PA-based biotech's shares zoomed up 9% yesterday afternoon.

Quidel wins 510(k) for C. difficile molecular Dx

Quidel won a coveted 510(k) clearance from the FDA for a new hand-held molecular diagnostic test to detect DNA for Clostridium difficile bacteria.

Optimer inks $90M C. difficile drug pact with Astellas

Optimer is pocketing a $20 million up-front payment on a new commercial pact for its treatment for C. difficile.