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Latest Headlines

Google wearables to add to planned bioinformatics database

Google isn't just searching the Internet. The company will soon search the insides of people's bodies for new biomarkers by collecting their urine, blood, saliva and tears as part of its Baseline Study initiative.

Abcodia will license access to serum biobank for cardiovascular disease biomarker work

Abcodia is throwing the doors open to its serum biobank, with plans to let researchers tap into the reservoir of patient samples for cardiovascular disease-related biomarker research.

The U.K.'s Cytox attracts $2.5M in new investment to pursue Alzheimer's biomarker work

U.K. diagnostics developer Cytox raised nearly $2.5 million in new funding to help expand work on the development of a viable Alzheimer's biomarker.

Finding: 2 biomarkers for head and neck cancer can help predict radiation therapy resistance

International researchers led by Michigan's Beaumont Health System discovered two biomarkers that helped predict resistance to radiation therapy for patient's with squamous cell cancer of the head and neck.

3 Alzheimer's biomarkers build over time but decline after symptoms appear

Certain biomarkers that can point to the presence of Alzheimer's build and then peak in the body over a period of years and then drop after symptoms appear, researchers have determined.

Roche scores upbeat data for a personalized asthma drug with blockbuster hopes

Roche's lebrikizumab significantly reduced the rate of asthma attacks in patients with a severe form of the disease, according to mid-stage trial results, lighting the way for a Phase III study on the novel, personalized treatment.

Loyola team zeros in on an early-stage heart attack biomarker

Researchers believe they've come up with a new biomarker blood test that can diagnose heart attack much more quickly than existing tests allow and thereby reduce the potential for long-term harm.

Fluidigm is acquiring DVS in a $208M single-cell technology buyout

Fluidigm and DVS Sciences announced Wednesday they're merging in a tie-up for which Fluidigm will pay $207.5 million in stock and cash to buy out its San Francisco Bay-area neighbor.

King's College London team make strides toward rapid sepsis test

U.K. researchers believe they've come up with a rapid blood test that could detect sepsis at a patient's bedside, enabling quicker treatment of the severe and sometimes fatal infection.

Report: Biomarkers market to grow 18.5% by 2018

Biomarkers are becoming increasingly useful to doctors as a tool to help diagnose patients earlier, predict the course of disease and tailor more individualized treatment regimens.