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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New slate of biotech IPOs could test investors' appetite for fresh offerings

Analysts will be watching closely to see if a series of recent stumbles out of the gate are the result of individual problems or an example of a growing lack of the kind of ravenous appetite that drove a 6-month feast of offerings.

Langer's Bind, Acceleron and Five Prime set terms for next batch of biotech IPOs

Three well-groomed biotech outfits aim to sustain the frenzy for new biotech stocks on Wall Street. This week Acceleron Pharma, Bind Therapeutics and Five Prime Therapeutics proposed price ranges for their planned initial public offerings.

Langer's Bind files $80M IPO as new biotech offerings go gangbusters

Throwing its hat into a now-cluttered ring, Bind Therapeutics--a biotech company that emerged from the prolific lab of MIT's Robert Langer--has filed plans for an IPO to raise a bit more than $80 million.

AstraZeneca and Boston biotech unite to blast cancer with a nanotech drug

The drug giant, which is in the process of renovating its R&D wing, has hired on the crafty Cambridge, MA-based biotech Bind Therapeutics to work on a kinase inhibitor nanotech drug for treating cancer.

Resurgent Pfizer partners with Bind on new nanotech drug effort

Just a few months after inking a tie-up with Amgen, Bind Therapeutics has come back from the deal table with another marquee partner looking to use its nanoengineering platform to launch newly amped-up treatments into the clinic.

Langer's Bind Biosciences raises cash as lead cancer program heads to PhII

Bind Biosciences has landed an $8.7 million chunk of a planned $20 million raise designed to fuel the biotech's midstage study of its lead cancer drug.

Bob Langer biotech lands first big biopharma deal with Amgen

For the first time BIND Biosciences has found a large drugmaker to commit major money to collaborate on a drug with its nanomedicine platform.

Influential Russian takes a big stake in U.S. biotechs

Anatoly Chubais is one of the most influential figures in the Russian government. And he's now using his influence to invest billions of dollars in new technology through Rusnano, a move that has benefited a slate of U.S. biotechs.

Nanomedicine standout spotlights first human cancer data

Bind Biosciences has scored some initial blows against cancers in humans, providing data that back up some of the promise of its nanomedicine Bind-014 in preclinical tests.

Exclusive: MIT's Langer, Farokhzad launch combination-med biotech

Serial biotech entrepreneurs Robert Langer and Omid Farokhzad are joining up with MIT's Dr. Stephen Lippard to launch a new drug developer--Blend Therapeutics--which will concentrate on the