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Latest Headlines

Philips to provide data on 100,000+ ICU patients to researchers via collaboration with MIT

Philips announced that it will share anonymized data on more than 100,000 patients collected via its Hospital to Home eICU telehealth initiative with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

From GPS inhalers to Jawbone data-gathering, some digital pharma inspiration

Mobile apps and digital tracking and the quantified self. A world of opportunities for drugmakers, right? That's the hypothesis. Digital data-gathering and monitoring won't just help patients manage their conditions and take their meds on time, but also persuade skeptical payers that products are worth their cost.

NIH turns on Big Data funding faucet

The National Institutes of Health has kicked off its Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative with an initial $32 million in funding. Harvard, Stanford and other universities received some of the cash to set up Centers of Excellence for Big Data Computing, each of which will tackle a different aspect of turning numbers into biomedical understanding.

Blackberry to integrate medical devices in India

Blackberry is launching an ambitious project to integrate thousands of medical devices in India in order to detect illnesses earlier. 

Top U.S. universities join project to apply Big Data to social problems

Big Data nonprofit Bayes Impact has teamed up with 5 U.S. universities to give students a chance to use their analytics capabilities to address social problems, VentureBeat reports. 

Intel, Michael J. Fox Foundation start smartwatch study to track Parkinson's patients

A couple of major players are making moves to get wearable med tech a bit closer to reality. Intel has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to collect data via smartwatches on Parkinson's disease patients, tracking the progression of disease.

Google wearables to add to planned bioinformatics database

Google isn't just searching the Internet. The company will soon search the insides of people's bodies for new biomarkers by collecting their urine, blood, saliva and tears as part of its Baseline Study initiative.

Philips, Salesforce.com to create clinical, cloud-based platform

Royal Philips and Salesforce.com are partnering to build a cloud-based platform to advance clinical information sharing and patient engagement. The expectation is that Philips brings to the table its clinical strength with its established medical device, imaging and monitoring presence, while Salesforce.com will contribute its cloud-computing software experience.

Samsung says its software and hardware will power the digital health ecosystem

Samsung Electronics' digital health strategy relies on a wrist-bound wearable device with cloud-based data-sharing software that enables third-party development of biosensors and medical mobile apps, the company announced May 28 in San Francisco.

Flatiron raises $130M in Google-led round, buys EMR business

Google Ventures' reported $100 million investment in oncology Big Data startup Flatiron Health came to fruition this week. And the deal is even bigger than early reports suggested, with Flatiron raising $130 million and buying electronic medical record business Altos Solutions.