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Latest Headlines

Illumina signs biobank deals to fuse genome data, EMRs

Illumina has signed deals to genotype the sample collections at four biobanks. Each of the projects is aiming to build a repository of linked genotypic and phenotypic data, with the sequencing results generated by Illumina being paired to electronic medical records (EMRs) possessed by the owners of the biobanks.

IBM partners with micro-cap Bionik for machine learning algorithms in robotic exoskeleton

Several companies are working on robotic exoskeletons to enable more mobility for paraplegics, but few have focused on the data that could be generated from them. Now IBM has partnered with microcap robotic exoskeleton player Bionik Laboratories to apply its machine-learning algorithms in an effort to analyze data to improve the outcomes of neurological rehabilitation.

Video: Experts predict the future of Big Data at #JPM16

FierceBiotech has gathered the leaders in the field to discuss what's being done with Big Data, how that relates to large and small developers alike and where this important sector is headed in the next 10 years.

FDA tweaks openFDA to allow downloading of databases

The FDA has acted on requests from users to allow data it makes available through openFDA to be downloaded. The U.S. regulator revised the system late last year to enable users to download the data for use offline.

Big data dominates as deep learning, AI seal the deal

Deep learning. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Cognitive computing. There are so many ways to say that your computer is smarter than you. But it's just taking a little time for it to figure that out. As wearables, apps, devices, genomic testing and imaging tech proliferate, all that data doesn't just sort through itself. A variety of computer-enhanced analytics are starting to emerge to make sense of all that Big Data. And while mostly humans are sorting through and making the analytical rules for now, soon that will no longer be the case.

Moneyball's analytics wiz DePodesta joins Scripps' Big Data team

The man who made a science, and a team, out of all the data in baseball is now joining Scripps to apply his analytics skills to Big Data in healthcare and drug development.

Ex-BGI CEO sets up AI-enabled health data mining operation

The former CEO of Chinese sequencing giant BGI has started his new venture, iCarbonX. As expected, iCarbonX will build a deep, broad pool of health data and develop an artificial intelligence platform to dig into the resource for insights into how to treat diseases.

Soon-Shiong allies with PA biomedical centers to further genomic research

Billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has teamed up with a medical center and research institute to set up a precision cancer hub. The deal connects the Big Data and immuno-oncology companies in Soon-Shiong's burgeoning NantWorks conglomerate to an emerging center of genomic research and molecular medicine in Pennsylvania.

Google's Calico snags access to Ancestry.com data to find genetic causes of long life

Google's life-extension biotech Calico has secured access to data held by Ancestry.com, a family tree business that sells DNA testing kits. Calico will pick through the genetic data and millions of family trees in search of contributors to long life spans and drug targets.

Taking the guesswork out of sales, predictive analytics could lead way to improved pharma rep decisions

Automated suggestions can help pharma reps who are searching for the next step in the sales process. But more than just automatic tips, emerging intelligent data-backed suggestions can transform inexperienced or underperforming reps using the mold of a pharma's top performers.