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Latest Headlines

Eisai's revved-up Belviq marketing starting to pay off, analysts say

When it comes to addressing the market, pharma has three P's, according to Eisai's Michael O'Brien: physician, payer and patient. And as VP of specialty marketing, O'Brien is looking to hit each of them in promoting the recently launched weight-loss drug Belviq.

Vivus, Arena hope Aetna weight-management program boosts diet-drug sales

Both Vivus and Arena marketing partner Eisai have partnered with healthcare benefits provider Aetna, which will integrate rival obesity drugs Qsymia and Belviq into a weight-loss lifestyle pilot program.

Eisai bets another $60M on Arena's Belviq with worldwide marketing deal

Eisai gave Arena Pharmaceuticals' obesity drug Belviq another vote of confidence. The Japanese drugmaker, already marketing the drug in the U.S., signed up to promote it in most other global markets, too. And it gave Arena a $60 million up-front payment to seal the deal.

New Vivus chief's Qsymia marketing plans raise turnaround hopes

Vivus announced second-quarter losses much worse than anyone expected. It took the first public comments from incoming CEO Tony Zook to sustain hopes for a turnaround.

Expect a long slog for diet drugs Qsymia, Belviq

Vivus says its new diet drug Qsymia is now available in 8,000 retail pharmacies, putting it closer to patients. Arena Pharmaceuticals' Belviq is finally on the market, and scripts are coming in. But this new generation of weight-loss pills still faces an uphill climb--despite the tantalizing size of the market.

Analysis: AMA decision on obesity will boost drug R&D in a troubled field

The AMA's decision to classify obesity as a disease is a direct attempt to persuade biopharma companies to develop new therapies by making it harder for payers to decline coverage while applying pressure on the FDA to approve more drugs faster. And that could provide a serious incentive for the obesity therapies already in development while making the preclinical work in the field more attractive to Big Pharma companies--which have largely avoided the field after witnessing repeated marketing debacles for unsafe meds. Read more >>

Battle of weight-loss drugs begins as Arena launches Belviq next week

The long-awaited battle between two weight loss drugs is ready to begin. With its launch for Belviq delayed by the DEA, Arena has had to sit back and watch competitor Vivus pass it by with its own weight-loss drug. Now, nearly a year after the FDA cleared Belviq for approval, investors will get the chance to see if it can outperform its underwhelming competitor, Qsymia.

After going it alone, Vivus finally open to Big Pharma sales partnership

Vivus' announcement that the company is looking to partner with Big Pharma for marketing help to get its new weight-loss drug, Qsymia, off the ground apparently encouraged investors. Shares rose 9.7% to $13.21, the biggest one-day increase since Dec. 17, Bloomberg reported.

DEA finally acts on Belviq, clearing Arena for diet drug's launch

The DEA has made its decision on Belviq, the weight-loss drug that's been sitting on Arena's launching pad since its FDA approval last June. Belviq is now officially a Schedule IV controlled substance, and Arena can fire up its engines for a launch next month.

Arena pulls app for weight-loss drug Belviq in EU

Arena Pharmaceuticals has decided to take its drug application and go home. The drugmaker Friday said it was giving up for now on breaking through the European wall of resistance to its weight-loss drug Belviq. The company, which got FDA approval last year, yanked its application with little explanation.