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Latest Headlines

Bayer, Sysmex ally on companion Dx plan

Sysmex and Bayer struck a deal that takes personalized medicine yet another step forward. The Japanese diagnostics giant and the German drugmaker will develop companion diagnostic tests designed for targeted cancer tumor treatments. Neither side is disclosing financial details, but they'll carry out their agreement through subsidiaries.

Bayer, Sysmex link to concoct companion Dx for targeted tumor treatments

Bayer, the German drugmaker, will join forces with Japanese diagnostics giant Sysmex to develop companion diagnostics tests for targeted cancer tumor treatments. Specifically, Sysmex's newly-acquired Inostics division will develop blood-based companion diagnostic tests to be paired with targeted anti-cancer drugs advanced by Bayer HealthCare.

Bayer's now-approved Adempas girds for market-share battle in PAH

Bayer scored another R&D success with the FDA approval of Adempas (riociguat) for two rare pulmonary disorders. But with a rival drug candidate breathing down its neck, Bayer will have to carve out a place in that market quickly.

Bayer wins key FDA approval for lung disease drug Adempas

Just hours after Bayer laid out some ambitious plans to accelerate development of a new wave of cancer and cardiovascular therapies, the FDA came through with a key new approval of riociguat--to be sold as Adempas--for a devastating lung disease.

Bayer hits the R&D accelerator on late-stage contenders in cancer, cardio

Over the past two years Bayer has snagged an impressive string of key approvals for cancer and cardiovascular drugs--a much better record than many of its larger Big Pharma rivals. And today the pharma player is rolling out i­­­­­ts slate of the next top drug prospects being groomed for late-stage pipeline work.

Germany's Bayer taps Pfizer's Olivier Brandicourt to head Bayer HealthCare

Brandicourt will assume the top job at Bayer HealthCare Nov. 1, taking over the reins from executive Wolfgang Plischke, who has been running the unit while the company found a new leader.

Glaxo, Roche, J&J and others score backing on big day for EU regulator

Friday, the EU's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommended 11 new drugs for a variety of diseases--the most nods it's given in a single meeting all year.

Germany's Bayer joins crowd of companies under Chinese investigation

Add Bayer to the list of companies Chinese authorities are investigating. Friday, a Bayer spokeswoman told  The Wall Street Journal China's probe has reached the German pharma for a "potential case of unfair competition" as the country's government continues its industry-wide crackdown.

German regulators see no new risks with Bayer's Xarelto

German regulators have responded to Der Spiegel 's questions about Xarelto side effects. Answer? The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices sees no new red flags for patients using the clot-fighting drug developed by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson.

Bayer's Xarelto faces stepped-up reports of side effects, deaths

The number of side-effect reports on Bayer's anticoagulant drug Xarelto appears to be increasing, and some doctors are growing wary of using the drug as a standard first-line treatment, the German newspaper Der Speigel reports.