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Latest Headlines

Bayer taps Dutch antibody specialist for biologics discovery

The Netherlands' arGEN-X has paired up with Bayer, agreeing to share its proprietary antibody technology with the drug giant to fuel some early-stage R&D.

Bayer, Boehringer extend access to clinical trial data

Bayer and Boehringer Ingelheim outlined plans to increase access to their clinical trial data.

Boston Scientific to buy Bayer's device unit for $415 million

The company announced on May 15 that it is acquiring Bayer AG's interventional division for $415 million to bulk up on devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. 

FDA finds Boehringer Ingelheim's Pradaxa safer than warfarin in most ways

It turns out that Boehringer Ingelheim's popular anticoagulant Pradaxa is safer than many people think. That is the finding of the FDA after taking another look at the side effects of the drug compared to the old standard warfarin and this time looking at a much larger and older patient base.

Can payers get to 'rational' hep C drug prices without a price war?

Payers worried about hepatitis C drug prices have been counting on impending price competition to save them money. The idea is that, once Merck, AbbVie and Bristol-Myers Squibb have treatments on the market, Gilead Sciences will have to back off its $84,000-per-treatment-course sticker price. The reality could be a little better--and a little worse--than that.

Today, digital health contests like Bayer's. Tomorrow? Pharma needs digital disruption

Digital health may be popular in the rest of the healthcare industry, but it's still the red-headed stepchild of pharma marketing. As Mobihealth News reports, providers and payers "have dived into the digital health world with gusto," but pharma's moves haven't been so enthusiastic. Is a new initiative from Bayer any different?

Cancer drugs from J&J, Roche, Celgene and more rival last big oncology wave

IMS Health has found that a group of cancer treatments launched over the past three years "are following the same trajectory" as blockbusters such as Roche's Avastin, Novartis' Gleevec, Bayer's Nexavar, and Merck Serono's Erbitux--at least so far.

Merck pays $1B to buy into Bayer's cardio future

Merck plans to use the proceeds of its planned $14.2 billion consumer business sale to Bayer to beef up its pipeline, and the in-transition pharma giant isn't wasting any time, signing a billion-dollar deal with its new partner in a move to get its hands on some new cardiovascular drugs.

Bayer aims to crush consumer health rivals with $14B Merck unit buyout

And the winner is Bayer. After months of speculation--and reported bids from the likes of Sanofi, Novartis and Reckitt Benckiser--the German drugmaker has snagged Merck's consumer health unit in a $14.2 billion deal. The consumer buyout solidifies Bayer's position at the top of the global OTC game and provides Merck with a cardio collaboration--along with a hefty chunk of change.

Reports: Bayer closing in on deal for Merck OTC unit with Reckitt out of the way

With Reckitt Beckiser out of the race for Merck's consumer health unit, Bayer is in exclusive talks with the New Jersey company, reports say, and it could have a $14 billion deal wrapped up in the next few days.