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Latest Headlines

BBDO and JWT win, Havas loses as Bayer divvies up Merck's former OTC brands

Bayer, which picked up Merck's consumer health unit in a $14.2 billion deal this spring, wanted to fold in all the brands from the New Jersey pharma giant's lineup. But to do so, it had to do some creative assignment shuffling. And its agencies had to take some creative steps of their own.

Bayer casts off equine drugs with 'no strategic relevance' to Sanofi's Merial

Bayer HealthCare announced Wednesday that it is handing its equine products Legend/Hyonate (hyaluronate sodium) and Marquis (ponazuril) to Sanofi's animal health company, Merial.

Bayer runs into another German roadblock in marketing vision drug Eylea

Germany's cost-effectiveness watchdog said Bayer eye drug Eylea doesn't perform any better than its Novartis rival, Lucentis, as a treatment for diabetic macular edema.

Bayer fails last-ditch attempt to block India's cheap Nexavar copies

Bayer was dealt a crushing blow in its ongoing fight to block generic sales of its cancer powerhouse Nexavar in India, as the country's Supreme Court ruled that an Indian generics group had the right to sell a copycat version of the drug.

Bayer and J&J push back against consolidation of Xarelto suits

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are fighting a consolidation of lawsuits over their top-selling anticoagulant Xarelto, months after patients filed suit in the U.S. accusing the companies of downplaying the drug's risks.

Bayer tees up its new hemophilia drug for an FDA submission

Bayer plans to submit its new hemophilia A treatment to regulators by year's end, following through on a roughly $700 million commitment to roll out next-generation treatments for the bleeding disease.

Bayer launches smartphone app to help farmers monitor dairy herd health

When a dairy cow is too fat or thin for her stage of lactation, it can cause a loss of milk production, decreases in fertility, and the need for costly drugs to remedy the condition. To monitor the health of their herds, most dairy farmers use a technique called Body Condition Scoring--a chore that's time-consuming and that hinges on unreliable, subjective observations.

Bayer may hive off another unit as it doubles down on pharma, consumer health

Turns out it may not be just Bayer's plastics business that's on its way out the door. The company is reportedly exploring a sale of its diabetes device business as it rides pharma's slim-down wave.

Bayer to sell diabetes device biz for as much as $2.5B

Bayer hopes to sell its ailing diabetes device unit to help bolster growth and fund a potential acquisition of Zoetis. The conglomerate would like to focus more closely on medicines, which has been a faster growth area than devices.

Bayer sees IPO cash as war chest for new consumer deals

Once Bayer raises the billions it anticipates from an IPO of its plastics business, it plans to pay off debt. But after that? Expect some OTC acquisitions, the company's CEO says.