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Latest Headlines

FDA rushes J&J, NewLink Genetics Ebola vaccines to clinical trials

Another Big Pharma player is joining the hustle toward an Ebola vaccine as the death toll surpasses 1,900 victims, eclipsing the total number of people who died from the disease in all previous outbreaks combined.

Bavarian Nordic the only bidder for Canada's smallpox vax supply

Canada has invited Danish company Bavarian Nordic--and only Bavarian Nordic--to bid for a tender to supply it with smallpox vaccines

Bavarian Nordic in peril if U.S. nixes smallpox vaccine order

Denmark's Bavarian Nordic may discover the dangers of putting all its eggs in one basket if the U.S. government does not order a smallpox vaccine by January.

HIV-positive patients approved for smallpox vax in an emergency

The U.S. government will now allow individuals with HIV to receive an attenuated smallpox vaccine during an emergency, according to a release.

DNA vaccine for prostate cancer moves into Phase III

According to the U.K.'s The Telegraph, Bavarian Nordic's Prostvac prostate cancer vaccine has started a Phase III clinical trial in the U.K.

Prostate cancer vaccine teams up with antibody

Sometimes, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and this can be true for cancer therapies as well. Researchers are hoping that combining Prostvac, the investigational therapeutic cancer...

Bavarian Nordic sees positive results in small therapeutic cancer vax study

Just weeks after gaining rights to an off-the-shelf therapeutic cancer vaccine involved in a collaboration with the NCI and NIH, Bavarian Nordic says that CV-301 produced some positive results in a

Bavarian Nordic gets good news on Prostvac

Danish biotech Bavarian Nordic saw its stock shoot up after the FDA approved a Phase III trial design for Prostvac, the company's prostate cancer vaccine. The company's stock rose as much as 6.5

Bavarian Nordic reviewing partners for cancer vax

Bavarian Nordic says it has gathered between five and nine term sheets from potential partners for its experimental prostate cancer vaccine. The company's business development chief, Juergen

Bavarian Nordic spotlights hopes for big cancer vax pact

Shares of Bavarian Nordic jumped seven percent after the Danish drug developer asserted that it is close to landing a big pharma partner for its closely watched prostate cancer vaccine, which is