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Analysts assign Phytopharm to scrap heap after decisive Parkinson's failure

U.K. biotech analysts are writing off Phytopharm as a lost cause after its lead drug proved to be a complete failure in a 400-patient Parkinson's study.

A new wave of biotechs takes shape in the U.K.

Over the past few days I've met with dozens of people in the U.K.'s biotech industry, getting a crash course on the state of affairs here while getting a chance to offer a few opinions of my own on global drug development trends at a One Nucleus gathering at Canada House. More >>

UK's biotech stars may be fading, but new hopefuls shine

The Guardian sings a dirge for the biotech dead as it counts the victims among the small-cap developers in recent times. It's a familiar obituary: Antisoma, now a brain-dead shell company, Renovo,

Antisoma chiefs stand down after second big Ph3 failure

Antisoma has experienced one big late-stage failure too many. Its straight-talking CEO, Glyn Edwards, announced today that he's stepping aside now that the biotech's two lead cancer drugs have

Antisoma struggling to survive as another cancer drug flunks Ph3

Shares of the UK's Antisoma plunged 65 percent on Monday after the developer announced that its latest late-stage study--this one on a once-promising leukemia drug called AS1413 (amonafide)--had

Novartis ($NVS) writes off $120M and the once-promising ASA404

Seven months after investigators pulled the plug on a failed late-stage trial of the once-promising cancer therapy ASA404, Novartis ($NVS) announced it is dumping its partnership with Antisoma and

Is ailing Antisoma a prime new takeover target?

Just days ago shares of the UK's Antisoma were torpedoed by the late-stage failure of ASA404, a lead program for lung cancer-which has become a mine field for several developers already. Now the Wall

Antisoma shares crater as lead cancer drug flunks PhIII

Shares of the U.K.'s Antisoma suffered a meltdown Monday morning as investors reacted to the news that its lead program suffered a catastrophic Phase III failure. The developer decided to halt the

Antisoma scraps breast cancer drug

Antisoma took a look at Phase II results for its AS1402 program for breast cancer and decided to scrap the trial and the drug after deciding that it was unlikely that the study would deliver positive

Antisoma raises $65M through drug sale to Sanofi

U.K.-based Antisoma has raised $65 million through the sell of U.S. rights to Oforta (oral fludarabine), an FDA-approved treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, to Sanofi-Aventis. The company