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Latest Headlines

Blend banks $21M for its nano-assisted cancer drugs

Blend Therapeutics, a biotech with ties to MIT serial entrepreneur Robert Langer, has hauled in $21 million in new financing to flesh out a novel approach to cancer treatment.

Celgene adds $1B-plus immuno-oncology deal, buyout option for Sutro

Close to two years after Celgene closed its first development deal with Sutro Biopharma, the prolific partnering machine at the big biotech has come back and taken an option on buying the company and its antibody-drug conjugates and bispecifics. And Celgene is expanding their collaboration to include immuno-oncology drugs, the hottest R&D field in biotech.

Sutro adds Merck KGaA to its roster of marquee 'armed antibody' partners

Sutro Biopharma has landed another marquee name for its list of development partners for antibody-drug conjugates. Merck KGaA, which has been struggling in the clinic for years, has signed on with the San Francisco-based biotech, offering a $300 million package of milestones along with some unspecified research support.

Black box warning for antidepressants spelled the death of litigation

There used to be a legal specialty built by plaintiff attorneys around filing lawsuits against antidepressant makers and then settling them. But the black box warning put on antidepressants in 2004 has turned out to be a shroud for the once lucrative legal business.

UPDATED: Big Biopharmas help fuel a $26M round for Sutro's immunotherapy work

Amgen, Celgene and Eli Lilly joined forces with some prominent venture players to back a $26 million round for Sutro Biopharma, a San Francisco-based biotech which has been garnering some careful scrutiny for its work on antibodies.

ImmunGene nails $9M for armed-antibody lymphoma drug

ImmunGene is working to get its lead armed-antibody cancer treatment from the lab to the clinic, and now the California company has $9 million in Series A cash to light the way.

ImmunoGen scuttles lead PhII armed-antibody trial after tracking infection risk

ImmunoGen garnered considerable attention for the tech support role it played on Roche's armed antibody Kadcyla. But an attempt to steer one of its own antibody-drug conjugates through clinical studies ended in disaster today.

Armed-antibody successes inspire a burst of new building projects, industry deals

The rapid success of Roche's breast cancer drug Kadcyla following the breakthrough approval of Seattle Genetics' Adcetris helped make antibody-drug conjugates one of the hottest fields in drug research. And some key manufacturers have been ramping up expanded facilities to help support the growing number of armed antibodies in the pipeline.

Takeda, Hopkins developing new pancreatic cancer drugs

Research presented at the International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics this week in Boston could point the way to new therapies to treat pancreatic cancer.

UPDATED: AstraZeneca buys Spirogen in $440M deal, inks pact in armed antibody double-play

AstraZeneca has struck a deal to buy one antibody-drug conjugate developer for up to $440 million while making a $20 million equity bet on another as it continues a global biotech shopping spree to stock its pipeline of cancer drugs.