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Latest Headlines

Bayer, Algeta nab priority review for prostate cancer drug

In-licensed from Norway's Algeta, Alpharadin is one of the pharma company's top late-stage prospects, following a string of regulatory wins on the development front.

Bayer predicts blockbuster success for four of its late-stage drugs

You can count Bayer among the Big Pharma companies unwilling to back down from their multibillion-dollar gambles on drug research. The company boldly predicted that four of its late-stage programs

Bayer's blockbuster Alpharadin may roil fast-changing prostate cancer field

The experimental prostate cancer drug Alpharadin took center stage at the big EMCC meeting in Stockholm, with researchers reporting that they had suspended a registration trial after

Bayer, Algeta shares spike as FDA fast-tracks blockbuster hopeful

Bayer and its biotech partner Algeta took a big step today toward a relatively quick FDA decision on their closely-watched prostate cancer drug Alpharadin (radium-223 chloride). Regulators are

Algeta shares spike on promising prostate cancer drug data

Shares of Norway's Algeta spiked 36 percent this morning after the biotech's partner Bayer unveiled promising data on their castration-resistant prostate cancer treatment Alpharadin (radium-223

Bayer snares Algeta's lead cancer med in $800M pact

In a fresh sign of just how hot cancer meds have become, Bayer Schering Pharma took analysts by surprise this morning with an $800 million licensing pact for Algeta's lead drug--an experimental