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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Alkermes hits PhIII goal line with 'blockbuster' long-acting schizophrenia drug

Alkermes has crossed the finish line in a Phase III schizophrenia study of a long-acting version of Abilify, picking up the statistically significant results needed to back a new drug application later in the year.

J&J trumpets early success for 3-month Invega Sustenna PhIII schizophrenia trial

J&J wrapped a Phase III study of a 3-month formulation of Invega Sustenna early after an independent monitoring group called it on positive efficacy data. That's good news for J&J as well as Alkermes, which provided their NanoCrystal delivery tech for the new-and-improved therapy.

Critics eye Alkermes deal to make potentially addictive new painkiller Zohydro

Pharma naysayers have been known to accuse the industry of making drugs that cause side effects--and then making more drugs to treat those side effects. Now, a group of critics is taking aim at Zohydro, the new painkiller approved by FDA last month.

Alkermes hits key milestone on pivotal PhIII schizophrenia study

Ireland's Alkermes has hit a key milestone in its quest to develop a long-acting version of Abilify for schizophrenia. The biotech, which has R&D operations in Waltham, MA, says it has completed enrollment in the pivotal Phase III study, putting the research team on track to report top-line data in the first half of next year.

Deal buzz: Alkermes, Jazz Pharma could beckon buyers in Irish tax haven

For some pharma dealmakers, corporate domiciles in Ireland have become hot commodities. The Irish tax code figured prominently in two recent biopharma buyout deals, and, as Bloomberg reports, this makes the biotech group Alkermes and Jazz Pharmaceuticals potential targets.

Alkermes beefs up pipeline, putting a new twist on blockbusters

Alkermes built its reputation around drug delivery and formulation technology, contributing its know-how to develop new-and-improved therapeutics. Now it wants to use that knowledge to whip up a new slate of next-gen therapeutics that can outperform some blockbuster drugs on the market for chronic diseases.

Civitas' inhaled Parkinson's drug promises novel delivery with positive PhII results

Civitas Therapeutics heralded a successful Phase II trial result for its inhaled Parkinson's drug CVT-301, the novel delivery of which promises to make the disease more manageable for patients on an everyday basis, the company says.

Civitas Parkinson's drug improves motor fluctuations in Phase II trial

Alkermes spinout Civitas Therapeutics today reported positive topline results from a Phase II clinical trial of its Parkinson's drug CVT-301, which uses a respiratory delivery system to provide quick relief to patients experiencing motor fluctuations common to long-term treatment of the disease.

UPDATED: Alkermes reveals PhII success with antidepressant in blockbuster CNS plan

Alkermes has a shot at offering a new option for treating depression in patients who don't respond to existing drugs. The company revealed positive preliminary data from a Phase II study of ALKS 5461, an opioid-receptor targeting drug, which the biotech player now aims to march into pivotal development.

Analysts track a spike in mid-cap biotechs' R&D spend

Analysts at GlobalData took a quarterly snapshot of the R&D expenses for a big batch of mid-cap biotechs and concluded that rising research costs were eroding corporate profitability. And they pinned the blame squarely on the pricey hunt for new cancer drugs.