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Latest Headlines

Accelerator's second NYC biotech startup sets out with $17M and some Gates-backed science

Accelerator, among the financiers looking to kick-start a fledgling biotech hub in New York City, launched its second local project in the form of Lodo Therapeutics, a company working to turn natural products into novel therapies.

Accelerator's $48M biotech project looks to spark the NYC startup scene

Seattle-headquartered Accelerator is aiming to kick-start New York City's nascent biotech ecosystem, leading its group of big-name investors to back a $48 million funding round for a local upstart.

Sean Parker's pleasantly nondisruptive take on immuno-oncology

Sean Parker is a very rich man. He has, according to Forbes, about $2.5 billion to his name, and he made most of it by investing in the likes of Napster, Facebook and Spotify. So it was a bit jarring to see the 35-year-old seated next to a pair of renowned cancer experts from Memorial Sloan Kettering and a writer who has won awards for her sober, cogent account of what it's like to be diagnosed with leukemia in your early 20s.

Bristol-Myers is the next big tenant in biotech's hottest neighborhood

Bristol-Myers Squibb's latest R&D reshuffle calls for a consolidated presence in Cambridge, MA's booming Kendall Square, and the drugmaker has signed on to serve as anchor tenant in the area's next big research facility, joining Big Pharma's ongoing colonization of a biotech hotbed.

Alexandria lands anchor R&D tenant for San Francisco biotech cluster

Alexandria Real Estate Equities has bagged an anchor tenant with plans to create a big new R&D operation at its Mission Bay biotech cluster bordering the research campus of the University of California San Francisco.

Biogen sees action on new corporate home in $500M biotech center

Biogen Idec's ($BIIB) plans to move executive offices back from the Boston burbs to the city of Cambridge, MA, took a step forward yesterday, with Alexandria Real Estate Equities ($ARE) breaking

Group plots new biotech building in MD

Alexandria Real Estate Equities has laid plans to build a four-story, 100,000-square-foot biotech lab on Maryland's I-270 corridor--an area that's already thick with developers. The group refused to

Alexandria plans sprawling R&D complex in India

Alexandria Real Estate is best known in biotech circles for its U.S. developments. But an Indian newspaper says that the developer is laying out plans for a sprawling R&D complex and life science