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Sanofi colorectal cancer contender Zaltrap suffers a PhIII trial setback

Sanofi and Regeneron's opened their update on the cancer drug Zaltrap (aflibercept) on a sweet note: The FDA has granted a priority review of their NDA for colorectal cancer.

Regeneron finally captures an FDA OK with new eye drug

Late on Friday Regeneron Pharmaceuticals ($REGN) scored a big win as it announced that the FDA has approved Eylea (aflibercept) for wet, age-related macular degeneration. But after pricing an

Sanofi lines up a growing slate of late-stage drug prospects

Few Big Pharma companies have done as much as Sanofi to change the game plan in R&D. And if you drill down into the company's second quarter report today, you'll find a snapshot of just how

What's the best strategy for working with FDA regulators?

Today FDA staffers published an even-handed evaluation of VEGF Trap Eye (aflibercept). As Bloomberg reports, the drug helps prevent vision loss just as well as a rival treatment on the market. And it

Sanofi preps for new pivotal trial of a blockbuster hopeful

One of the biggest pipeline setbacks Sanofi has experienced recently has been the failure of its high-profile Phase III breast cancer trial for iniparib back in January. Iniparib was the jewel in

Sanofi, Regeneron buoyed by Ph3 colon cancer success for aflibercept

Just weeks after Sanofi-Aventis and Regeneron ($REGN) reported that their cancer drug aflibercept stumbled in a late-stage study of non-small cell lung cancer, researchers gave a thumbs-up to their

Sanofi, Regeneron's aflibercept flunks PhIII trial

Big Pharma's development woes continue. Sanofi-Aventis ($SNY) and partner Regeneron have revealed that their non-small cell lung cancer drug aflibercept (VEGF Trap) given with the chemotherapy

Regeneron to shelve mid-stage cancer drug data

Citing problems with the number of patients recruited for a mid-stage clinical trial of the cancer drug aflibercept along with the fragile health of the patients involved, Regeneron Therapeutics and

Aflibercept misses endpoint in mid-stage study

Regeneron and Sanofi-Aventis announced that their experimental therapy aflibercept missed a

European pipeline likely to stay thin to 2009

GlaxoSmithKline appears to be best situated among the European pharma companies to weather the drought