Adnexus Therapeutics

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Bristol CEO touts successful biopharma blitz after big hep C play

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) mounted an enviable makeover from a diversified company to a biopharma force over the past several years, with the famed "String of Pearls" strategy advanced to buy

BMS pays $505M for Adnexus

Adnexus Therapeutics is abandoning its move to go public, opting for a buyout by Bristol-Myers Squibb that will net $430

Adnexus outlines $86M IPO to advance adnectins

With its lead therapy poised to begin mid-stage trials early next year, Adnexus Therapeutics has filed papers with the SEC for an IPO designed to raise $86.3 million. The company is developing