Top 50 Industry Voices in Biotech Twittersphere -- 2012


David Welch (@orthostichy)--Ex-stem cell scientist, market development pro

Organization: Life Technologies
Followers: 7K-plus

Profile: Welch, who has a Ph.D. in stem cell biology, has traded in his lab coat for a gig in market development at Life Technologies ($LIFE). He's got views on medical research funding, politics and, not surprisingly, stem cell science.

Anonymous (@sheffstation)--Stock picker

Organization: Unknown
Followers: 123K

Profile: As an investor in binary stocks, Sheff has a lot to say on biotech companies that face make-or-break events with clinical trial results and regulatory decisions. I follow Sheff, like most all the people on this list, but I realize that he's tweeting with a definite agenda. Don't we all, I suppose.

David Miller (@biotechstockrsr)--Independent biotech stock analyst

Organization: Biotech Stock Research
Followers: 5K-plus

Profile: David Miller is known for smart commentary on some of the most closely watched drug developers in the world such as Medivation ($MDVN) and Seattle Genetics ($SGEN). While fund managers pay for his independent research reports, Miller often treats his loyal Twitter followers to insightful comments about biotech news.

Dr. Mike Sevilla (@drmikesevilla)--Family physician and social media enthusiast

Organization: Family Medicine Rocks
Followers: 10K-plus

Profile: Biopharma companies have spent a fortune trying to understand and engage general practitioners, first with black-bag sales forces and now adding online overtures. With more than 20,000 tweets to his credit, Dr. Sevilla is an open book of ideas and comments about healthcare. He's also the author of a blog called Family Medicine Rocks.

David Nutt (@profdavidnutt)--Neuropsychopharmacology expert

Organization: Imperial College London
Followers: 12K-plus

Profile: Prof. David Nutt wants the world to keep an open mind about studying the use of chemicals from illegal drugs such as magic mushrooms to treat psychiatric conditions. Not everyone agrees, yet Nutt seems irrepressible, and he's sharing his controversial message on Twitter.

David Eagleman (@davideagleman)--Neuroscientist and author

Organization: Baylor College of Medicine
Followers: 12K-plus

Profile: The author of several books and the New York Times bestseller Incognito, Eagleman is a prolific author and researcher. He focuses his time on that most fascinating and mysterious of organs, the brain. Neuroscience leaves us with many more questions than answers, but Eagleman helps point out some of the most tantalizing findings in his field.

Dr. Eric Topol (@erictopol)--Cardiologist, geneticist, digital medicine aficionado

Organization: Scripps
Followers: 10K-plus

Profile: The author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine tweets generously on topics in digital medicine and genomics, especially for someone who juggles multiple big jobs in the Scripps family of research and clinical centers in La Jolla, CA. If digital technologies are revolutionizing medicine, Topol is your guy for insights from the front lines.

Susannah Fox (@susannahfox)--Internet geologist and healthcare gadfly

Organization: Pew Internet & American Life Project
Followers: 10K-plus

Profile: As associate director of digital strategy at Pew, Fox has a great vantage from which to comment on the nexus of healthcare and online/social web life. She can be found tweeting about one of her key interests: how digital and online platforms figure into the management of serious illnesses.

Dr. Atul Gawande (@atul_gawande)--Celebrated surgeon and author

Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Followers: 51K-plus

Profile: His features about the ills of the healthcare system in The New Yorker tend to blow my mind and put some of the drug-development stuff I cover in perspective. A practicing surgeon--and self-described dilettante--Gawande tweets about politics, medicine, science and whatever else interests him. Which is a whole lot, apparently.

J. Craig Venter (@jcventer)--Genomics/regenerative medicine pioneer

Organization: J. Craig Venter Institute
Followers: 11K-plus

Profile: Venter isn't very active on Twitter, but his utterances on synthetic biology and genomic sequencing gain instant notice because he is considered a trailblazer in both fields. What if his bold prognostications haven't always come true? When you're trying to change the world, sometimes you've got to get people's attention.