Report: Booming Genentech plans 600 new hires in 2013


Genentech is on a roll. And it's looking for hundreds of new staffers to keep its drug development efforts in overdrive.

Tapped as Roche's U.S. biologics R&D hub as the pharma giant finishes winding down its sprawling facility in Nutley, NJ, the local San Francisco affiliate for CBS is reporting that the biotech pioneer expects to hire around 600 new employees this year--including a batch of new M.D.s and Ph.D.s to work on next-gen therapies.

Just to put that into perspective, 600 staffers would easily handle the work of more than 30 average biotechs in pursuit of their first drug approval.  

Genentech says it prefers to promote from within, making a number of these new hires replacements for upward bound employees. And they pay well, with many of these positions tied to starting salaries that range from $70,000 to $80,000 a year.  

The South San Francisco-based giant has 785,000 square feet of space for its staff, which is celebrating a big win with today's announcement that the FDA has approved T-DM1 for advanced metastatic breast cancer. 

- here's the report from CBS in San Francisco

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