Looks like an exciting 2013 from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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Gonzague Issenmann, CEO of Stentys

CEO Gonzague Issenmann says Stentys, a French stent company publicly traded in Europe, didn't come to JPM to raise money. (The maker of a self-apposing bare-metal stent to treat severe heart attacks just raised $45 million in the Euronext exchange.) Stentys' stent is also unique, designed in a way that negates the need for different sizes. Backed by a 2010 CE marking, Stentys just gained FDA approval to launch a pivotal U.S. trial beginning in April involving 880 patients. And so Issenmann's mission was to promote his young company as an innovative alternative to many of the larger players in the global stent industry. "We can play our own sheet of music because we have something no one else has," Issenmann told us.