Looks like an exciting 2013 from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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Jeff Raser, president and CEO of Katama Pharmaceuticals and COO of OrPro Therapeutics

Jeff Raser has been on the frontlines of biotech innovation for years and is now involved on the ground floor of two new projects. He came to J.P. Morgan this year to meet with investors and develop strategy. Katama Pharmaceuticals, which Raser founded late last summer, will develop the compound tolperisone to deliver pain and muscle relief to patients suffering from muscular spasms. Raser was attracted to the drug in part because of the low-risk pathway. There is existing data on the drug, so the regulatory hurdles should be few, and Raser ultimately expects the drug to fit nicely into a number of pharma companies' pain drug franchises. Raser is also working as the COO of OrPro Therapeutics, which has an orphan drug in development for cystic fibrosis--which offers another potentially simplified approval process. Raser is confident the compound could treat other diseases, he told FierceBiotech.