Looks like an exciting 2013 from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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Mark Leuchtenberger, president and CEO of Rib-X Pharmaceuticals

Rib-X Pharmaceuticals is entering 2013 with a strong pipeline, a successful funding strategy, and a semivirtual model. President and CEO Mark Leuchtenberger is very optimistic about the company's antibiotics pipeline for several reasons. The GAIN act, signed into law in July, gives 10-year exclusivity to antibiotics, and Rib-X has the potential to deliver front-line, broad, potent treatments to the U.S. hospital market. The areas of unmet need here have been realized and "the environment has turned from complacency to aggression." And, Leuchtenberger said, antibiotics offer the same opportunity for aggressive pricing as rare-disease drugs. This year looks to be a "perfect storm of positive things" for the company.