Looks like an exciting 2013 from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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Walter Ogier, CEO of Acetylon

Acetylon Pharmaceuticals' strategy works due to both dedicated research and an extremely successful funding strategy. The company's CEO, Walter Ogier, told FierceBiotech that Acetylon's been fortunate in securing capital from what he calls "venture philanthropists"--wealthy individuals who want to invest in medicine. Acetylon is developing an HDAC inhibitor intended for use in patients with multiple myeloma and lymphoma. However, the compound could lead to other programs for neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic diseases, sickle cell disease and even malaria. Ogier is in San Francisco this week partly to look for potential partners to help advance the drug into later trials. Among those that would be well-suited are Takeda's Millennium, Celgene and Onyx Pharmaceuticals.