20 Major Pharma-Academic Alliances in 2012


By Skye Toor and Ryan McBride

Big Pharma companies' insatiable needs for growing their pipelines and grabbing dibs on hot new science send them running to academic labs. With some pharma groups slashing internal R&D, drugmakers have taken a shining to funding discovery and early R&D work at universities and academic medical centers.

Pharma groups have dabbled in commercializing innovations from academia for decades, but what's happened more recently is a drive to expand the number and breadth of collaborations with academics and other external groups. Traditional pharma players such as Sanofi ($SNY), Eli Lilly ($LLY) and Pfizer ($PFE) have realized that their internal R&D groups alone aren't enough.   

Here we've rounded up 20 notable pharma-academic collaborations from 2012 or those that made headlines this year. Check out the list and learn where Big Pharma is placing its bets and seeding projects that could yield big-time products down the road.