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The formation, maintenance and repair of epithelial barriers are of critical importance for whole body homeostasis. However the deregulation of these pathways gives rise to disease states such as fibrosis and carcinogenesis. In order to better understand the mechanisms underlying renal epithelial function and dysfunction, we analysed temporal transcriptomic alterations of human renal proximal tubule cultures during monolayer formation. Speaker: Lydia Ashauer, MSc will discuss the use of IPA in her research.

The newest release of IPA helps you discover plausible signaling cascades by auto-generating regulatory networks which describe potential mechanisms of action predicted to explain the gene expression changes in your dataset. Stuart Tugendreich, PhD will discuss Ingenuity's IPA, its newest features and how it can be used in research today.

New Capabilities In IPA Include:

  • Predict activation or inhibition of upstream regulators
  • Discover relationships between upstream regulators that illustrate how they work together in a signaling cascade
  • Generate testable hypotheses faster

The newest release of IPA can help you Discover Causal Connections. Faster.



  • Lydia Aschauer, MSc, Division of Physiology, Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, Innsbruck Medical University
  • Stuart Tugendreich, PhD, Scientific Director, IPA, Ingenuity Systems