eBook: Supplying Global Clinical Trials
Keys to Avoiding Costly Delays

Drug developers have a critical need for reliable supplies of drugs for global clinical trials, and there are many important considerations to make in order to be successful in meeting clinical supply needs. At stake are millions of dollars that can be lost because of delays in the production of experimental medicines. Many small- and medium-sized biopharma companies lack the internal expertise and infrastructure to produce their own clinical supplies, but there are opportunities to collaborate with external partners such as CMOs to gain clinical development and manufacturing support.

This report provides expert analysis and industry insights to guide biopharma professionals that face the challenges of meeting strict timelines, selecting contractors and avoiding setbacks during the planning and execution of manufacturing partnerships for global clinical trials.

Table of Contents:

  • When it all goes wrong: Clavis Pharma Case Study
  • To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question
  • Trimming Timelines with Strategic Partner Selection
  • Picking the right manufacturing partner
  • Getting the regulatory issues right
  • Finding the right time
  • Looking to the future

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