eBook: Including China in Drug Development Programs:

Opportunities & Challenges

China represents about 20% of the world's population and, after the U.S., it has the second-largest economy. The market size alone makes it an attractive target for biopharmaceutical development, but demographic and economic changes make it even more so.

Although doing business in China presents many challenges for setting up clinical trials and performing biopharmaceutical development, most experts estimate pharmaceutical market growth there at 20% to 25% over the next decade. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, a large middle class and an aging population, China offers huge market potential for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Table of Contents

  • Market Opportunity
  • Regulatory Landscape
  • Including China in a Drug Development Program
  • Partnering With a CRO in China
  • On-the-Ground Challenges
  • China in 2020 and Beyond

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