Webinar: Mastering Translational Medicine in Preclinical Drug Research

Now available on-demand |  Duration: 1 hour
Hosted by:
Ryan McBride, Editor,

To give drug candidates the best odds of success in later human trials, biopharma companies have emphasized translational medicine and approaches of intelligently ushering scientific discoveries from the lab to the clinic.

Join FierceBiotech and three preclinical experts on September 13th for a live webinar to discuss translational medicine in the preclinical phase.

The webinar will cover biomarker discovery, predictive modeling and other strategies and experiments for optimizing decision-making prior to human studies. Learn about how biopharma leaders have crafted proof-of-biology experiments to advance programs seamlessly from animal to human studies and use insights from preclinical experiments to design clinical trials.


  Shelia M. Violette, Ph.D., Senior Director, Translational Medicine, Biogen Idec.
  Arthur A. Levin, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Research and Development, miRagen Therapeutics
  Tom Turi, Vice President, Science & Technology, Discovery & Translational Services, Covance