The Canadian launch of its fibromyalgia test will help EpicGenetics complete a large-scale trial into the underlying causes of the painful disorder.

The Broad Institute is set to release GATK4 under an open source software license, ending a five-year experiment with a hybrid model.

Valeritas will present new data for its disposable insulin-delivery device, showing it lowers blood glucose levels, insulin dose and costs.

Scientists at Rutgers University-New Brunswick have created a sensor that could lead to a device that predicts the likelihood of an asthma attack.

Organovo unveiled positive preclinical data for the transplantation of its 3D-bioprinted human liver tissue into diseased animal models.

NeoTract has presented 5-year data from a clinical trial of its UroLift device.

Myriad Genetics unveiled new data showing its prostate cancer diagnostic could predict the 10-year risk of metastasis in men who have been treated for the…

Guardant Health has raised $360 million to sequence the tumor DNA of 1 million cancer patients in the next five years.

A new “capsule colonoscope” could lead to a more comfortable experience and encourage more people to undergo colonoscopy.

Researchers have created a $65 test designed to show which prostate cancer patients will respond to Pfizer’s Xtandi and Johnson & Johnson’s Zytiga.