Note for Readers: FierceDiagnostics is merging with FierceMedicalDevices

Rebecca Friend

Starting this week, FierceDiagnostics is going to be merging with its sister publication FierceMedicalDevices. We are not changing too much with FierceMedicalDevices, we will retain the name and brand but coverage will expand to include the diagnostics industry.

When we launched FierceDiagnostics in 2013, it was clear that diagnostics use had become an increasingly important part of the drug development industry. While we still feel that this space is an important part of our coverage we feel that we can better serve our readers by merging this back into the larger FierceMedicalDevices brand.

Please note, FierceDiagnostics will no longer be publishing so this is the last issue that you will receive. If you are not subscribed already, we would like to invite you to subscribe to FierceMedicalDevices to continue receiving updates on the device and diagnostics industries. If you would like to subscribe to FierceMedicalDevices, please click here. You can also visit us on the website at

We hope you will take us up on our offer and give FierceMedicalDevices a try. We look forward to continuing our coverage and we hope you will come along for the ride. -- Rebecca Friend (email | Twitter)