Almac expands API heft at U.K. plant

Add Almac to the list of CMOs banking on an explosion in the demand for commercial API production. The company has concluded an expansion of its active ingredient plant in Craigavon, U.K.

The facility now houses two 1,000-liter reactors and a state-of-the-art pressure-filter dryer, the company says, allowing it to produce large batches of APIs at a time. The move is aimed to capitalize on what Almac sees as a growing market for commercial APIs, Vice President Denis Geffroy said in a statement, and the expanded capacity dovetails with the company's offerings in discovery and development.

"Almac's investment has further demonstrated our goal of being the outsourcing partner of choice through all stages of clinical development," Geffroy said. "We are delighted to have the scale to share the manufacturing journey with our clients from preclinical phase to full commercialization."

And Almac is far from alone in its bet on API production. In the past month, Cedarburg Hauser has moved to expand its commercial API capacity 50% at its Wisconsin plant, and Novasep just spent $38.8 million on a similar facility it plans to operationalize within 18 months.

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