Researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health have led the development of software to identify sequence-structure binding motifs on aptamers.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation has expanded its trial platform to include patients with atypical parkinsonism, an umbrella term for various rare diseases.

GlaxoSmithKline has set up a rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial running on Apple’s ResearchKit framework.

Nostrum has spun out of a pair of Spanish research institutions with ambitions to use supercomputer-powered computational simulations to improve drug discovery.

Siemens Venture Capital has invested in Riffyn, a developer of R&D design software that is weeks away from introducing its first commercial product.

Bionext has picked up Rhenovia Pharma's cell signaling modeling technology and the R&D team that developed it to form a subsidiary, TheraScape.

Novartis has turned to Cure Forward's matchmaking tool for patients and trial recruiters for help identifying potential participants for its cancer…

Mount Sinai has reported a jump in enrollment in a Phase III trial of a Bayer drug after it used natural language processing to sift through EHRs.