IBM is installing computing and storage infrastructure in Calgary as part of a 5-year pediatric genetic research collaboration.

CRO Ergomed has bolstered its IT capabilities by acquiring two German service providers that give it access to statistical analysis skills and an EDC system.

FDA has posted draft guidance designed to facilitate the use of data from EHRs to back up claims about the safety and efficacy of experimental drugs.

IBM has paired Edico Genome’s Dragen bio-IT processor with its high-performance computing system to cut the time it takes to complete variant calling analysis.

The Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine has begun using DNAnexus’ platform for the analysis and sharing of sequencing data.

Microsoft has ordered 10 million strands of synthetic DNA from Twist Bioscience to support research into the storage of digital data on DNA.

AstraZeneca is redefining what big looks like in genome research. At 2 million genomes, the database will house more people than the 50 smallest countries.

European politicians are working to create an EU-wide cloud platform and establish the region at the forefront of high-performance computing.