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Just how well do you think biopharma is handling the gender diversity issue?

I hope you'll take a minute--just a minute--to provide a letter grade on just how well biopharma is doing on gender diversity. And take a second to let us know what you're thinking. I'll be following up.

Martin Shkreli takes the 5th, then turns to Twitter to blast 'imbeciles'

After trying his best to get out of appearing in front of a House committee, the recently indicted exec and all-round biotech bad boy Martin Shkreli showed up and asserted his 5th amendment right to avoid self-incrimination this morning, just as he said he would.

'Let this letter be a shot across the bow to the entire industry'

Two prominent women in the biotech community were so appalled by reports about a party at J.P. Morgan featuring scantily clad models that they've written an open letter to the biotech industry as a "shot across the bow" designed to end such festivities once and for all.

Kochenderfer: 'I think the main focus of the CAR field will be autologous cells...'

Yesterday there was a brief, digital dust-up on Twitter over an abstract circulating online on a CAR-T study undertaken from the NCI's James Kochenderfer, one of the top scientists in the field. His team tracked remissions in 8 of 20 patients using allogeneic T cells reengineered to attack cancer. Some in the investor community interpreted the use of "allogeneic" cells as an "off-the-shelf" approach similar to what Cellectis has been at work on.

UPDATED: Hedge fund's attack on troubled Zafgen draws blood

These days, while success and victory still have 1,000 fathers, failure and defeat have its outspoken champions as well.

Who are the most influential people in biopharma today?

We'd like you to weigh in on how that certain R&D executive is blazing a trail, why a particular regulator is changing how drugmakers do business, or how one CEO is redefining the industry's approach to deals.

UPDATED: Top mega-rounds fuel record VC pace, with a distinctly ex-U.S. biotech accent

Last year private venture investors registered a blistering pace in the global biotech industry, with the average round swelling in size as the top 10 financings grabbed the biggest slice of the pie analysts at EP Vantage have seen in the 9 years they've been gathering stats. But while the money flowed like never before, the number of companies enjoying the surge actually dwindled, barely beating the all-time low, the analysts add, based on numbers from Evaluate Pharma.

Biotech rehearses its 'difficult' second album at #JPM16

The two most commonly watched indexes of biotech stocks have each fallen more than 35% from their July peaks, battered down by a pervasive sense that the frothy days of the biotech boom, when becoming "the Amgen of" anything seemed at least glancingly possible, have passed. And that sentiment permeated this year's J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Celgene chief Bob Hugin ponders a new era for neurodegeneration R&D

SAN FRANCISCO--During a luncheon meeting with reporters at a hotel near a bustling Union Square, Celgene CEO Bob Hugin--soon to be the executive chairman as Mark Alles moves into the CEO suite--was asked where he was interested in taking the company.

The top biopharma trends for 2016

Look back on 2015 and you'll see an industry that has come into its own. With billions of dollars flowing in from IPOs, follow-ons, venture investors, the rich (those high net worth individuals), and pharma deals, there's never been a better time to start a new biotech company focused on making a leap in medicine. Provided, of course, that you're working with technology from a top institution and have some top VCs sending you Christmas cards.