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We're looking for 2015's Fiercest women in biotech

Each year, FierceBiotech surveys the life sciences landscape to highlight a group of women innovating, excelling and inspiring in their fields. And this year, we want your help.

Patrick Soon-Shiong: NantKwest is starting down the path to conquering cancer

Patrick Soon-Shiong made several fortunes based on his understanding of cancer and drug development, most recently in today's multibillion-dollar IPO for NantKwest. And now he plans to put the IPO money to use in pursuit of a new strategy in immuno-oncology R&D--the single hottest field in the industry.

Industry Voices: Crossover investors find winning strategy with pre-IPO healthcare companies

Non-VC or crossover investors are helping drive the rebound in IPOs among healthcare companies. And it's proving to be a winning strategy for both investors and the newly public companies.

Allergan joins the hunt for a 'transformational' biotech deal

In a conversation with Forbes' Matthew Herper, Allergan CEO Brent Saunders happily spotlighted his bolt-on buyouts with Kythera, Naurex, Furiex and Rhythm. Compare that to recent remarks from Eli Lilly's John Lechleiter, who has always insisted on backing the pipeline he has while adding an occasional pact, or Severin Schwan at Roche. Both see this current market as overpriced.

In Alzheimer's, hope, hype and disappointment as biopharma goes all in on amyloid

Thanks to some recent clinical advances, physicians and scientists--convening in Washington, DC, this week for the Alzheimer's Association International Conference--have some new hope that blasting away some misshapen proteins in the brain called beta amyloids could be a path to finally reversing years of developmental futility.

Celgene's $7.2B buyout gets a big thumbs up, but is the deal really done?

Generally, multibillion-dollar biotech deals these days come with a considerable amount of light scolding from analysts fretting over the cost as valuations surge. Downside remarks tend to caution against looking for a higher share price, and one analyst at least raises the prospect that the bidding war may not be over. Here's a selection of notable comments this morning.

Listen up! It's time to nominate top biotechs for the Fierce 15

It's time to start getting ready for the 14th annual Fierce 15. And if you have a biotech you'd like to nominate for the award, we've got a quick and easy form for you to fill out.

Is Celgene killing the traditional biotech partnering formula?

Celgene's $1 billion front-loaded deal to buy into Juno's CAR-T and TCR programs--$150 million upfront and $850 million for 10% of the company's stock at more than double the going share price--instantly and predictably spurred a backlash among some of the top analysts in the industry over the frothy figures in play.

Chris Viehbacher explains: "If I had $2 billion to invest…"

Not long ago, Viehbacher had a chance to sit down with Ernesto Bertarelli--who made a fortune on the sale of Serono--to pursue a conversation that many people fantasize about but very, very few experience. The subject: "If I had $2 billion to invest, this is how you do it."

Getting to the red zone in biopharma R&D (and thoughts on the 2015 Fierce 15)

For some time after the FDA put its new breakthrough therapy designation together for the industry, there was a good deal of back and forth among industry analysts over whether the BTD would make much of a difference. You don't hear much of that kind of carping much these days, and a new report from EP Vantage illustrates why.