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John D. Carroll is a biotech analyst with 36 years of experience in journalism that’s taken him all over the world--and back again. Appointed editor of FierceBiotech in 2003, he has covered everything from city hall in Kansas City, KS, to biotech in London. He contributed stories from Central America and Ireland to the Dallas Morning News and Time and wrote for the Houston Press and a medley of other publications. He spent six years as editor and then publisher of the Dallas Business Journal, was publisher of Texas Business for a brief stint and early in his career was part of a big team of reporters and editors at the Kansas City Star & Times that investigated the deadly 1981 disaster at a local Hyatt Regency. The newspapers won a 1982 Pulitzer for their collective work. Carroll lives in Vermont and travels frequently. He can be reached at Follow @JohnCFierce on Twitter.

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Intercept Pharma soars after nabbing 'breakthrough' title for blockbuster NASH contender

Intercept Pharmaceuticals has nabbed the FDA's breakthrough therapy designation for obeticholic acid, a closely watched therapy in the pipeline for a blockbuster NASH indication.

One big reason why CNS drug development has foundered

When you want to develop a drug for, say, cancer, objective measures such as survival rate can tell regulators just how effective it is compared to a standard drug or placebo. But in diseases involving the brain, scientists often have to settle for crude measures for assessing how patients perform or feel after treatment. And the wild card here is a placebo effect that can be very difficult to factor into studies and has been fingered for the death of multiple development programs.

Biogen Idec quietly carves out a leading role in developing gene therapy for hemophilia

Biogen Idec and its newly named in-house expert Olivier Danos have executed a research deal with the San Raffaele-Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy to develop what they believe promises to be a durable treatment for hemophilia.

AstraZeneca bolts together a top transatlantic team for CRISPR R&D

In a broad-ranging slate of tech collaborations, AstraZeneca is allying itself with several top research institutions to hone its ability to apply CRISPR gene editing techniques to its drug development work. And the pharma giant used this alliance to pick some of the best brains in the business, without turning to any of the pioneers who have recently spawned a lineup of upstart biotechs.

Interested in biotech financing in the U.K.?

FierceBiotech is co-hosting an invitation-only event (there's no charge) with One Nucleus at the Queen Mary Innovation Centre in London to discuss how the year ahead is shaping up in the British biotech financing scene.

Wells Fargo dispatches biotech banker to Cambridge/Boston supercluster

With the Cambridge/Boston biotech supercluster forming a kind of global crossroads for drug development, bankers are going the extra mile to get in on the act. Wells Fargo life sciences specialist Katherine Andersen is uprooting herself from Palo Alto, CA, to make the trek to Boston.

Roche's late-stage R&D strategy tests the enthusiasm for immuno-oncology

Rolling out disappointing numbers today, Roche CEO Severin Schwan played the immuno-oncology card while trying to make the case that the pharma giant still has a hot hand in the late-stage drug development game.

Aspyrian raises $8.5M for cancer therapy; Insys gets orphan status; BioCryst gains FDA fast track;

@FierceBiotech: The Special K connection: Naurex spotlights another promising NMDA depression drug. Report | Follow @FierceBiotech @JohnCFierce: I see R&D costs climbed to $7.1B at $PFE last...

Google, Biogen team up on MS research: report

Looking for some insights into the way that environment and biology influence the development of multiple sclerosis, Biogen Idec will team up with Google to sift through a mountain of data on the topic, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The Special K connection: Naurex spotlights another promising NMDA depression drug

Just a few months after heralding some strong data for their lead depression drug, Naurex has wrapped a Phase II study of its number two NMDA treatment after getting the positive efficacy data it was looking for--while continuing to set the stage for a possible IPO in its near future.