The Novartis-partnered p53 gene-targeting siRNA cut the rate of acute kidney injury in patients following cardiac surgery.

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A BMJ paper has shown that progress is being made on clinical trial transparency, although there is still a way to go.

PARP inhibitor Lynparza may be able to kill cancer cells that don’t have BRCA mutations—provided it’s paired with a helper compound.

Roche has joined partners Senseonics and TypeZero to develop a closed-loop system for insulin delivery.

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University of California starts its fightback against rival Broad Institute in their dispute over intellectual property for CRISPR-Cas9.

The decision follows a review that foresaw bleak prospects for the program and little reason to invest in its development.

EnteroMedics will modify its obesity-treating neuromodulation system for Galvani Bioelectronics to use in preclinical research.